Sampler Sisters Stress Relief Mandalas & Patterns (Volume One): Adult Coloring Book


This special collection of 25 unique images created by two sisters is like a box of chocolates, inside, adult colorists will enjoy an assortment of Mandalas, repeat patterns, florals, geometric designs, abstract prints and intricate designs.The center of each edition features an elaborate maze. The Sampler is the best way to experience the sister’s design style. You won’t find these exact images in the other books. They are original to the Sampler. Three more books are in the Sisters Stress Relief Mandalas & Patterns series:

Meditation: Sisters Stress Relief Mandalas & Patterns (Volume Two)

Harmonious: Sisters Stress Relief Mandalas & Patterns (Volume Three)

Relaxing: Sisters Stress Relief Mandalas & Patterns (Volume Four)

Designs in this book are great for fine-tipped markers, colored pencils, fine-tipped pens, and gel pens. The images and designs range from easy to very difficult, so there is something to suit colorists of all levels. The sisters hope you enjoy transforming these unique designs into your own colorful works of art! Don’t forget to visit to receive free coloring pages!

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