Relaxing Sisters Stress Relief Mandalas & Patterns (Volume Four): Adult Coloring Book

RelaxingLoosen up with these really relaxing designs created by two sisters. Ease-up from everyday stress to decrease your daily anxiety. Unleash your inner peacefulness as you lose yourself in the flow. Coloring reduces stress levels, elevates focus, and creates a sense of well being.

This book includes 50 original coloring pages featuring Mandalas, repeat patterns, florals, geometric designs, abstract prints and intricate designs. The center of this edition features an elaborate maze. Almost anyone can use it to create relaxing images. Layers upon layers reveal hidden patterns that speak to your inner child.

Images in this book vary from minimal detail to highly detailed, making it perfect for gel pens, markers, fine tip pens, and colored pencils. This assorted collection offers artists of all ages-page after page-of unique and highly creative designs printed on one side of the page. The sisters hope you enjoy transforming these unique designs into your own colorful works of art! Don’t forget to visit to receive free coloring pages!

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