Color Resolution, Stress Solution

Happy New Year! We were on break for the holidays. Now, we are back and looking forward to a New Year free from stress and filled with beautifully colored images. We hope that you are just as resolved as we are to decrease your stress and continue your coloring adventure in 2016. As you start your coloring journey anew this year. You may be noticing that you are starting to accumulate a number of finished colored pages.

If you are unsure what to do with all your masterfully colored images. No worries! In the upcoming weeks we will discuss what you can do with your finished colored images. Here are the first 5 creative solutions to re-purpose, re-use, and continue to create once your colored image is complete. The suggestions are in no particular order, we think all the ideas are equally as great!

1.) Make a calendar. Take your favorite 12 images and take pictures of them. Then use a service like Shutterfly or Vistaprint to make a custom calendar from the images. Order a few copies and give them away at the beginning of the year to your friends. Remember to keep one for yourself. As for the originals they are now available to use with any of our other ideas.

2.) Create a cool greeting card. Remove your image from the coloring book, with either a razor, scissors, or a X-Acto knife. Glue your image onto a piece of construction paper. After it dries, cut your image out and use the reverse side with the construction paper to write your greeting. Think of all the unique personalized birthday cards you could make.

Looking for even less fuss? Just take the whole colored page making sure that the edges are neatly trimmed. Glue the entire page on to an appropriately cut and sized piece of poster board, card stock or construction paper for a quick and easy card. Play with the lay out before gluing the image down. You may want to mark where you want the image placed with a pencil before gluing it down. If you plan to fold the paper or card stock. We suggest doing so before gluing the image.

3.) Make decorative place mats. Remove the colored pages from the book. Trim the edges if necessary. Laminate the pages and decorate your table with them.

4.) Make wall hangings. Frame your completed colored image and hang on the walls in your home.

5.) Make collage art. Cut out multiple colored images and glue them together on paper, card stock, or poster board and create something new. You can then frame and hang the collage.

Come back and visit later in the month for more cool uses for your colored images. Keep coloring and don’t let the fun stop once the image is complete!

Colorfully Yours,


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