Fall into Coloring…

I love the fall, it’s my favorite season. What I love the most are the colors and seasonal treats. In Michigan green leaves turn lovely hues of red, orange, and yellow before falling gracefully to the ground. I have my pick of pumpkin inspired treats and beverages. Sugar and cinnamon donuts dance in my mind, as I look forward to my annual trip to the apple orchard. My visit to the orchard will be an all day adventure that will include navigating corn mazes and enjoying hay rides. As I immerse myself in all that fall has to offer in Michigan. I find that the fall colors are wonderful inspiration for my coloring sessions these days.

Colors can have an effect on your emotions and mood. Some fall inspired colors dominating my coloring recently include; red, orange, and yellow. Red is a color of passion, it grabs your attention, and forces you to focus. It is the international color for stop. According to chromotherapy red increases appetite. I find that red energizes my coloring and forces me to stop and pay more attention to the task at hand, coloring. The more I focus on the activity of coloring. The more I am able to forgot and release. The drama of the day eventually falls to the back of mind and I relax.Orange is seen throughout the fall season in various shades; orange is a color that exudes health, vitality, cheer, and comfort. When I use orange in my coloring, its like a vibrant visual dose of vitamin c. It brightens and livens my coloring experience. Finally yellow is a color that denotes happiness and optimism. Using yellow helps me see the brighter side of life.

As you color do you ever think about your color choices? Do you feel that the colors you use effect your mood or have an impact? My sister and I would love to know! As you color try using some inspiration from the change in season and fall into coloring!

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